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Aston Martin W-One working with contrasting light sources

When photographing interiors there are times when you have to photograph spaces that have varying light sources. One of those times was while photographing Interiors in London at Aston Martin's W-One showroom on park Lane. I had to show the rear space which is used to sit the clients down in comfort and show them through the catalogues. This rear area was a lot darker than the front of the showroom so I had to try and balance the light without it looking fake or artificially lit. So I set the camera up to expose for the front of the store and the windows which left the rear of the showroom underexposed so I used this as a starting point and added speed lights diffused and bounced off a reflector which spread light evenly around the rear room allowing me to expose for the front and rear in one exposure, after this the overall exposure was adjusted during post production to get it even more even throughout.

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