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About Nicholas Adams

As a photographer Nicholas aims to create unique pieces of work which influence discussions and reactions from the viewer.

Nicholas has worked hard to establish himself in the photographic world and has built a reputation around his work. He has worked hard to refine a style that is both distinguishable as well as aesthetically pleasing to an audience. Nicholas' work has been used in publications around the world and continues to be recognized as one of the leading interior and architectural photographers currently working in the UK. Companies varying from Opera’s to Architectural magazines have used his work in publications worldwide. The National Geographic has also recognized his documentary work by having his work in the 2011 Editor's choice gallery for Travel photographer of the year.

Coming from a background passion in travel and meeting people Nicholas often sets off alone to pursue a project with the aim to reveal beauty and to unveil hidden aspects of the world. With Nicholas’ photojournalism he has been recognized by many to have a fresh approach to photographing subjects that can become mundane. His attention to detail and dedication getting to know his subjects often leads to an intimate portrait of the subject that would otherwise be unobtainable. Often gaining access to areas that others have struggled to access such as sweatshops, slums, conflict areas and hidden spaces throughout cities. He pushes himself to photograph in areas often unseen by the world and often feared and misunderstood.


Nicholas holds a BA Hons degree in Photography from Portsmouth University that he undertook while working as he wished to gain an understanding of the theoretical side of photography. Nicholas also returns to guest lecture on his work and aspects of working in the photographic industry and also sometimes working with non profit groups to provide workshops for youths.

Nicholas is constantly on the lookout for new commissions and challenges. If you are interested in contacting Nicholas please do so by using the form on this page.

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