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London Basement Company Shoot April 2013


I was contacted by London Basement who were after an Interior Photographer in London who could photograph some of their amazing basement projects. I met with them and they explained that they were looking for someone with a good eye for details who could dress a property so that it looked right in the images. Having begun my career in interior photography working with visual merchandisers within the retail sector I have a very good knowledge base on how to dress a space for aesthetic purposes. With the help of Anna my assistant we were able to document the spaces in a way that both complements the architecture and the design with an emphasis on the attention to detail that London Basement are known for. The first property was a more traditional design with an emphasis on family and practicality whereas the second had a more modern feel to it with an emphasis on wide open space. Both properties however made good use of the available natural light which was channelled down into the basement using light wells which makes the spaces feel as though they are on the ground floor as aposed to under the ground this is a nice change from the usual basement which tends to feel enclosed and almost claustrophobic. The choice in paint color also helped to make the spaces feel light and airy adding to the almost illusion that you are not in a basement.  I am very much looking forward to possibly working with London Basements in the future on projects, here are some images from both properties:

Property 1:

113HampsteadWay04 113HampsteadWay07 113HampsteadWay13 113HampsteadWay01 113HampsteadWay11 113HampsteadWay09 113HampsteadWay17

Property 2:

47Northway04 47Northway07 47Northway08 47Northway11 47Northway09 47Northway18

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