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Bridal Studio Shoot

I very rarely work in the studio, this is due to not really liking the industry associated with it and enjoying interiors and architectural photography a LOT more. However my fiance the very talented Sarah Jane Ellis is a freelance makeup artist working in Brighton and London areas and she has wanted to do some high quality makeup work for a while now to showcase her incredible talents so i agreed to a shoot.

The shoot was pretty straight forward lighting wise and consisted of two main lights with shoot through umbrellas coming in from the sides one higher than the other, then a silver reflector under the chin and a hair light with a grid spot on it. We decided to use a grey background so that the focus would be drawn to the model and not distracted by any extra Colors allowing the viewer to concentrate on the makeup and also hair which was styled by Chrissie Kirby an old friend of mine and Sarah's

So here are two of my favorites from that day:


Image copyright property of Nicholas Adams (


Image copyright property of Nicholas Adams (

Go check out Sarah if your after a makeup artist in Brighton