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Parmigiani Fleurier- London Interior Photography

I was contacted by the Luxury watch makers Parmigiani Fleurier who were looking for an Interior and Architectural Photographer in London and found my work. They liked my style and asked if I could photograph their brand new Boutique in the Mayfair area of London. The Boutique was designed by the very talented Thierry Conquet who has worked for the brand for 12 years. The Boutique is located on Mount street in London and is designed in a way that makes the space both luxurious and functional as a boutique. The attention to detail is incredible from the integration of hidden cabinets to hold brochures and the carefully designed hand rail on the staircase all made to fit with the theme of the Luxury watch brand. I was pretty much given free reign with this project to interpret the space how I wanted with the exception of a few key features and details. I wanted to ensure that the images were incredibly clean and exposed correctly throughout showing all the details that have gone into creating this space. I used the Nikon D800, due to its incredible high resolution (the highest of any production professional DSLR camera at the moment) which is perfect for architectural and interior photography and due to its latitude I was able to retain detail throughout both the highlights and the shadows in even the most challenging of lighting situations. When approaching a space that is rather confined which this boutique is its important to avoid using wide angle lenses which can lead to distortion and a gross misrepresentation of the space, I made sure that where possible distortion was not present in the photographs and all lines were straight this is where the 24mm PC-E lens comes into its own, allowing wide angle with no distortion of lines.

Here are a selection of images from the two days spent documenting this incredible luxury boutique:

Interior Photograph of Parmigiani Boutique in London

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Interior Photography of Parmigiani Boutique in London by Nicholas

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