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Shooting Doors

As an architectural and interior photographer I get approached to do a lot of interesting projects. This is one of them I was approached to photograph doors by Voysey and Jones who were looking for an Architectural photographer in London to take some images of the bespoke period doors they created.

The challenge with photographing doors is trying to make them look interesting and not just a portrait photograph of a door, this was made clear that this is not what the client wanted at all when we first spoke on the phone but rather a preference towards landscape images showing the surroundings of the doors. After a few delays we met up at our first property and set up, the important thing for the client and myself was to make the doors look like they belonged there as they were essentially prop doors to show the kinds of doors they can create. I used large site lights to illuminate the interiors of the properties to give them a "warm/ homely" look and feel to them in the images. The client also let me play around and do some creative techniques with the 24mm PC-E lens creating some interesting effects: