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Displaced Architecture/ How I learn Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is like a muscle it needs to be excersised, without practice you become rusty and your photoshop skills suffer. I find setting yourself challenges can help you to learn new things and to achieve some interesting results. So I decided to set myself a challenge. I have been wanting to photograph the brutal architecture in Crystal Palace in London for a while, being an architectural photographer I love the straight lines and the way it does not really fit in with its surroundings. So I set off with my 24mm PC-E architectural lens and took a photo. When I got back to my studio I was looking at the initial shot and was not happy with the background so challenged myself to remove the architectural structure and place it somewhere completely different. The resulting image is a work in progress and is in no way complete but shows what you can do with a bit of time and experimentation:

Below is the original image for comparison:

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