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Two Wonderful Men

I love these guys, I love the image, actually I loved photographing them. I was in Dhaka in Bangladesh and it was my first day, obviously a bit nervous as I was alone in a random city with no plans or contacts, an out of date guidebook and I had just checked into the dirtiest, most infested hotel ever (but damn was it cheap!) I went for a walk just to get my bearings and to explore around Old Dhaka which consists of the port and many winding streets with monkeys climbing around the rooftops and amazing faces everywhere. I needed a lighter so I could smoke a cigarette so asked one of these guys and they gave me a lighter and asked me to join them while I smoked. In broken English we introduced ourselves and sat laughing at the world for five minutes but I will never forget those five minutes and those two guys. I am currently printing this image out for my wall right now and thought I would share the story behind it and the image itself:

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